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50 years of 007

Sean Connery
Nobody does it better – for 50 years the James Bond films have been entertaining audiences. Here’s Be Happy’s special tribute to 007

Snappy asides, double entendres and quick quips are the hallmark of Bond’s movie character, from ‘Shaken not stirred’ to ‘Bond, James Bond’ classic 007 lines stick in the public imagination – here’s our selection of some of the best

001 As Connery’s Bond looks at a bikini clad Ursula Andress as Honey Rider in Dr No
Honey Rider:  Looking for shells?
Bond: No. I’m just looking.

002 In Goldfinger while strapped to a seat as a automated laser beam approaches his groin
Bond:  ‘Do you expect me to talk?’
Goldfinger: ‘No Mr Bond I expect you to die!’

003 Daniel Craig as an angered Bond subverts a classic line in Casino Royale
Bond: ‘Vodka Martini.’
Bartender: ‘Shaken or stirred?’
Bond:  ‘Do I look like I give a damn?’

004 In Moonraker, as M and Q look on, Bond and Holly Goodhead appear on a screen making love
M: ‘What’s Bond doing?’
Q: ‘I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir!’

005 When Moneypenny calls Bond while he is making love to a Danish girl in Tomorrow never dies
Moneypenny: ‘You always were a cunning linguist, James.’

006 Donald Pleasance’s creepy Blofeld encounters Bond in You only live twice
Blofeld: ‘They told me you were assassinated in Hong Kong.’
Bond: ‘Yes, this is my second life.’
Blofeld: ‘You only live twice, Mr Bond.’

007 In Goldfinger an unconscious Bond wakes to find a woman standing over him
Bond: ‘Who are you?’
Pussy Galore: ‘My name is Pussy Galore.’
Bond: ‘I must be dreaming.’

001 AMC Hornet, The Man With The Golden Gun
The eight-cylinder, 5.9 litre engined Hornet was used by Bond to pursue Scaramanga, jumping over a half-sunk bridge and turning through 360º in the process.

002 Aston Martin V8 Volante, The Living Daylights
Fitted out with a full suite of gadgets, the Volante was used by Timothy Dalton’s Bond to evade police in Bratislava. It had twin heat-seeking missile launchers, a rear jet engine booster and an outrigger system for driving on ice.

003 BMW 750 iL, Tomorrow Never Dies
Q branch at their finest fitted out the BMW with missiles, grenades, a wire cutter bonnet badge and smoke and tear gas jets. Brosnan’s Bond also made use of the cell phone operated controls – driving the car from theback seat.

004 BMW Z8, The World Is Not Enough
The bulletproof windscreen, remote-control pads and radar guide missile produced another winner from BMW. Brosnan uses the surface-to-air missile to destroy a helicopter

005 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, Die Another Day
A top speed of 196mph and some special adaptations, including front grille missiles, twin target-seeking shotguns, heat-seeking missiles, ejector seat and a thermal imaging system. The Vanquish also had sophisticated camouflage making it appear invisible.

006 Lotus Esprit Z1, The Spy Who Loved Me 
About as over the top as you can get, the Esprit had surface-to-air missiles, front-firing torpedoes, a cement sprayer, rear-mounted inkjet and mine launcher. If that wasn’t enough, it also converted into a submarine.

007 Aston Martin DB5, Goldfinger
Sleek lines and a growling engine made the Aston DB5 the stuff of Bond legend. The car was fitted with a passenger ejector seat, machine guns, bulletproof shield, smoke screen and oil slick dispenser. Stunning

001 Raki
Bond is given ‘a bottle of raki, a pitcher of water and a cheap tumbler’ when he accompanies Darko Kerim to a gypsy encampment in From Russia With Love.

002 Moselle wine
When dining with Goldfinger, Bond is offered a Piesporter Goldtröpfchen ‘53 Moselle. Fleming writes ‘It was nectar and ice cold’.

003 Scotch and Soda
Bond joins Felix Leiter on a night out in Harlem. He has a medium dry Martini and reflects that he should be careful not to drink too much. He then goes onto drink three scotch and sodas followed by three inches of Haig and Haig

004 Gin and tonic
While in Jamaica in Dr No, Bond orders a double gin and tonic with a whole lime, which he squeezes into his glass and then supplements with ice.

005 Tattinger champagne
One of Fleming’s favourite tipples, Tattinger champagne features in several of the books, although Bollinger seemed to be more favoured in the films.

006 Mouton Rothschild 55
At the end of Diamonds are Forever, Mr Wint and Mr Kidd pose as waiters and deliver a bomb to Bond’s room. Connery as Bond rumbles them by identifying their ignorance about wine. As Bond says: ‘Mouton Rothschild is a claret’.

007 Vodka dry Martini
What else could we choose as the ultimate Bond drink? In the book of Dr No a self-assured 007 calls for: ‘A medium Vodka dry Martini – with a slice of lemon peel. Shaken and not stirred, please. I would prefer Russian or Polish vodka.’

001 Dagger shoe, From Russia With Love
SPECTRE agent Rosa Klebb’s shoe with poisoned blade forms part of a fight sequence at the end of Fleming’s From Russia With Love. In the book, Bond is poisoned by the blade when a captured Klebb kicks out at him. He crashes to the ground unconscious in a cliffhanging last line. It is only in the next book, Dr No, that we discover that the blade was dipped in fugu poison, which apparently comes from the sex organs of the Japanese globe fish. Fortunately, Bond was treated by a doctor who had previously seen similar cases of poisoning, and consequently saved Bond’s life.

002 Ski pole gun and parachute, The Spy Who Loved Me
Camping it up in a yellow ski suit, Roger Moore’s 007 evades Russian agents in a downhill ski chase. He uses a modified ski pole to shoot one of his pursuers before jumping off a mountain and releasing a Union Jack patterned parachute.

003 Oddjob’s hat, Goldfinger 
Who can forget the alternative use of Oddjob’s bowler hat in Goldfinger? Oddjob uses the steel-rimmed bowler as a devastating weapon but comes unstuck at the end of the film when Bond throws the hat at him. The hat becomes embedded in some metal bars and as Oddjob retrieves it Bond touches the bars with some exposed wire, electrocuting Oddjob in the process.

004 Ski jacket, The World Is Not Enough
When Bond and Elektra King start to fall through snow and ice as an avalanche begins, Pierce Brosnan’s Bond deploys a protective zorb from his ski jacket that encases and protects them from the falling snow and ice.

005 Fountain pen, Octopussy
When Bond encounters Q in Delhi, he is presented with a classic Q gadget – a multifunctional fountain pen. The pen contains a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids, which Desmond’s Llewelyn’s Q demonstrates to dramatic effect. The pen is also fitted with an earpiece listening device.

006 Rolex Submariner, Live and Let Die 
The Bond films have featured so many great watches that it’s difficult to choose between them. But the modified Submariner featured a rotating saw that could cut through rope and a powerful electromagnet, which Moore’s Bond used to such comedic effect when unzipping Italian agent Miss Caruso’s dress.

007 Walther PPK gun, Dr No onwards
Bond’s service issued pistol was used in several of the books and films. Although supplanted for a few films by the Walther P99 which first appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies, the PPK returned in Quantum of Solace. In Fleming’s Dr No 007 was issued the semi-automatic Walther PPK 7.65mm at M’s insistence after Bond’s weapon of choice, the .25 Beretta, became stuck during his fight with Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love. Bond wanted to continue using his Beretta, which MI6’s armorer described as a ‘Ladies gun’ because of its lack of stopping power and fancy looks. As Bond leaves M’s office, he attempts to take his old Beretta with him, but M stops him leaving Bond fuming.

001 From Russia With Love performed by Matt Monro

002 Diamonds are Forever performed by Shirley Bassey

003 Nobody Does it Better (The Spy Who Loved Me) performed by Carly Simon

004 We Have All the Time in the World (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) performed by Louis Armstrong

005 Another way to die (Quantum of Solace) performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys

006 Live and Let Die performed by Paul McCartney and Wings

007 Goldfinger performed by Shirley Bassey

001 Alec Trevelyan aka 006 (Sean Bean)
Locks Bond in a train that is set to self destruct in Goldeneye

002 Mr Big (Yaphet Kotto)
Lowers Bond and Solitaire into a shark tank in Live and Let Die

003 Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee)
Sets out to assassinate Bond in The Man With the Golden Gun

004 Renard (Robert Carlyle)
Leaves Bond to die in a booby trapped missile silo in The World is Not Enough

005 Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya)
Attempts to kick Bond with a poisoned blade attached to her shoe in From Russia With Love

006 Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen)
Tortures Bond with a whip in Casino Royale

007 Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasance)
Captures a Soviet spacecraft and orders the execution of Bond in You Only Live Twice

001 Solitaire, Live and Let Die
Played by an innocent-looking Jane Seymour, who was only 22 during filming, the virginal Solitaire eventually succumbs to the attention of Moore’s suave 007. In the book Fleming describes her as having ‘a face born to command’, although much of this strength of character seems to have been lost on screen.

002 Honey Rider, Dr No 
The benchmark by which all Bond girls were subsequently measured. Ursula Andress took on the role of Honey Rider, providing an iconic cinema moment when she emerged from the sea clad in a bikini with a knife at her side. The rest of her performance was curiously flat, perhaps not helped by the fact that her voice was dubbed because of her strong accent.

003 Tracy di Vincenzo, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 
One of two women who truly capture Bond’s heart, Tracy di Vincenzo was played by Diana Rigg in the film. She married Bond but was tragically killed at the climax of the movie. This was George Lazenby’s only outing as Bond and it is often seen as an inferior film, but Rigg’s strong performance showed that a Bond girl could be three-dimensional – tabloid rumours that she and Lazenby did not get on added to the intrigue.

004 Jinx Johnson, Die Another Day
Played by Halle Berry, Jinx Johnson was a US agent who matched Pierce Brosnan’s Bond blow for blow. Her jaw-dropping reprisal of Honey Rider’s entrance from the sea stole the show. Emerging in a tangerine bikini she turns to look at the sea and an appreciative Brosnan quips: ‘Magnificent view.’

005 Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale
The beautiful but cool Vesper Lynd was Bond’s only other true love. Played to great effect by Eva Green, the double agent eventually falls in love with Daniel Craig’s intense Bond. In the novel, Vesper is wracked with guilt over her betrayal of Bond and commits suicide, leaving Bond to cope with his grief by denouncing her: ‘The bitch is dead’ he reports to his superiors.

006 Miss Moneypenny, various
No list of Bond girls could be complete without a mention of Miss Moneypenny. Lois Maxwell took on the role 14 times, combining a cool sexuality with a maternal affection for Bond. Dedicated to her career and service to M, Moneypenny has flirted with Bond throughout the series of films and long may it continue – if one thing in Bond can ever be certain, it is that Miss Moneypenny and Bond never get it together.

007 Pussy Galore, Goldfinger
One of the strongest female characters in the Bond series, Pussy Galore was played superbly by Honor Blackman in the Goldfinger movie. In the novel she runs a lesbian crime gang and is a lesbian herself. Predictably, in the movie her sexuality is downplayed and she is seduced by Bond, but nevertheless she remains a sassy independent figure who is not afraid to take on any man in a fight – least of all 007 who in one scene she judo throws to the ground.

Fifty years of Bond style
The Barbican marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, from 1962’s Dr No to this year’s Skyfall, with a unique exhibition showcasing the inside story of the design and style of the world’s most influential and iconic movie brand. In collaboration with EON Productions and with unprecedented access to their archives, Designing 007 presents the creation and development of Bond style over its 50 year history. It explores the craft behind the screen icons, the secret service and villains, tailoring and costumes, set and production design, automobiles, gadgets and special effects, graphic design and motion graphics, exotic locations, stunts and props.

Highlights include gadgets and weapons made for Bond and his adversaries by special effects experts John Stears and Chris Corbould, along with artwork for sets and storyboards by several production designers.

The exhibition takes place at the Barbican in London from 6 July to 5 September 2012.

• For more details go to www.barbican.org.uk/bond/

IMAGE: © Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation. All rights reserved


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Nobody does it better – for 50 years the James Bond films have been entertaining audiences. Here’s Be Happy’s special tribute to 007

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